Counting the Tallies

Title: Counting the Tallies
Fandom: Danganronpa
Warnings: Angst? Kind of implications of self(?)-harm??? idk
Notes: This is a thing I started writing a few months ago before letting it sit at about 90% completion for a while, and then I decided to finish and post it for Fukawa's birthday. So here it is.
      Happy birthday, Fukawa?? (this is not a happy fic oops)
      Thanks to csakuras for being my beta as usual. :3
Summary: Touko Fukawa didn't pay much mind to the tally marks on her thigh.  On the contrary, she preferred not to think of them at all.
Word Count: 761

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what am i doign with my lifE

Title: what am i doign with my lifE
Fandom: Danganronpa (sort of)
Warnings: Don't read this.
Notes: Ummmmm so this is based on the troll SYOC fic DA BEST SYOC EVA by fangirlandotaku, specifically the character I submitted, Mizuko Onani, and his love interest, Senpai Desu.
     Such shame I feel.
     This started out as me thinking I'd try writing terrible gay smut for a laugh but then I chickened out and as a result this remains in PG-13 territory (maybe teetering on the edge of R? idk).
     please ignore how terribly I show my age with Mikako's costume choice.
     (oh god im such trash why did I write this tripe instead of working on WFR......)
Disclaimer/Credits: Mizuko's original concept was created by me, as I already mentioned, but it was really fangirlandotaku who did such a great job at developing his voice and his character, so she deserves major props there. uvu
     fangirlandotaku is also the owner of Mikako, whose speaking style I just cannot get quite right...
     Finally, Senpai Desu is the mindchild of Technique Fantasy, who deserves many, many apologies from me for involving him in this terrible thing without permission.
Summary: barf
Word Count: 2314 words that could have seen better use elsewhere

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not cross-posting this to any public fanfiction archives because omfg seriously

Waiting for Rainbows - Chapter 1

Title: Waiting for Rainbows - Chapter 1
Fandom: Danganronpa/Super Danganronpa 2 (non-Hope's Peak AU)
Warnings: This takes place before the second case but there are brief hints of spoilers for the whole game.
Notes: So... This is my first time in ages writing a multi-chaptered fic. I actually didn't plan to start writing it until much later, but I realized that this is a story I kind of need to write for myself right now, so hey, yolo. (The world is in dire need of more Kuzuhina anyway.)
      So yes, this fic is mainly Kuzuhina. (I might introduce other ships later, but I'm not completely sure what, when, and to what extent.) Initial inspiration came from the manga Honto Yajuu, but it quickly morphed into its own thing.
      This is an AU, but it might make vague references/parallels to spoilers from the games in later chapters, so you have been warned! The rating may change later on too, though I've never written anything M-rated before so we'll just have to see...
      The title was inspired by the song "Niji o Matsu Hito" (Those Who Wait For Rainbows) by BUMP OF CHICKEN. Go listen to it! I haven't found a completely satisfactory translation of the lyrics on the internet, but you can get the basic gist of it if you search.
      Thanks to csakuras for being my beta as always. uvu
      Finally, happy birthday Hinata! And happy new year, everyone!!
Summary: Kibougaoka wasn't the ideal place, but it wasn't bad. Its residents had all mostly settled for unremarkable but comfortable lives, not actively seeking out change but welcoming it if it came. For police officer Hajime Hinata, change comes in the form of a baby-faced, foul-mouthed gangster.
Rating: T
Word Count: 3004

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By Any Other Name

Title: By Any Other Name
Fandom: Danganronpa
Warnings: This takes place before the second case but there are brief hints of spoilers for the whole game.
Notes: My first introduction to Danganronpa was playing the officially translated game, and the whole time I thought it was super cute how everyone called each other by their first names or nicknames, like they were really trying to be like a family living together omfg how precious. ...Of course, I soon realized that was just the localization so that overly-optimistic interpretation was automatically null and void, but I still couldn't shake the idea so finally I wrote this.
      Also I tried to think of a better, less cliche title for this. I failed.
      Many thanks to csakuras for betaing for me. uvu
Summary: Adaptability is the key to survival, and to best adapt to their situation, Class 78 needs to learn to live like a (barely functional) family... and the first step is being on first-name basis. Ensemble fic, post-trial 1.
Word Count: 2077

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"A Daughter's First Love"

Title: A Daughter's First Love
Fandom: Pokemon (Game-verse)
Warnings: Unbetaed as always
Notes: I'm using Japanese names for human characters and English names for everything else as usual because yolo. I say Daigo is 22 in this fic because I've always seen him as that age and wrote all the previous stories with that in mind, so I'm sticking with that and ignoring what ORAS says. I used the mother's name from the anime since she doesn't have a name in the games haha.
Summary: It didn't take long for Haruka's mother to notice that her daughter was in love, and it was only a matter of time before she had to tell her husband.
Word Count: 1115

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You're a Broom

Title: You're a Broom
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Warnings: Slight historical inaccuracy, as I'm pretty sure the plot device I used didn't exist in the 16th century, at least not in the way presented. I hope you can find it in your heart to disregard this minor technicality. uvu
Notes: Written for hetaliashtino at tumblr for the Hetalia holiday fic exchange, mostly HRE/Chibitalia. Betaed by csakuras, thank you so much!
Word Count: 1,710

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A Father's Duty

Title: A Father's Duty
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Warnings: Unbetaed, just like EVERYTHING ELSE I post here.
Notes: Inspired by one of the weird laws that were being posted in hetalia_events today. Hanatama Family (Sweden, Finland, Sealand, and Ladonia)... um, something. This is my first time writing ANY of these characters, and I had a really hard time grasping their characterizations... I'm still not confident that I got them right, but I did the best I could! D:
      I subscribe to the headcanon that Sweden lives in an IKEA. If this bothers you for some reason, just pretend that the furniture store he lives in happens to also have a restaurant but is not an IKEA. (I mean if he lives in a furniture store there has to be SOMEWHERE to eat.)
Word Count: 919

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"The Way She Should Go"

Title: The Way She Should Go
Fandom: Pokemon (Game-verse)
Warnings: Unbetaed, natch.
Notes: That sequel to "Rising Star" that I've been saying I'd write for about five years. As per usual, I'm using the Japanese names for the characters and English names for everything else. Deal.
Summary: While battling Haruka at the Pokemon League, it suddenly occurs to Daigo that...
Word Count: 936

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Untitled so far!


Title: I DON'T KNOW it's not finished yet
Fandom: Pokemon Special
Warnings: VERY VERY UNBETAED and pretty damn unorganized and unfinished aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Notes: I actually have no idea where this is going
Word Count: 932 so far

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"Restless Night"

Title: Restless Night
Fandom: Pokemon (Game-verse)
Warnings: Unbetaed. Of course.
Notes: A random Daigo/Haruka (Steven/May) one-shot, inspired by a certain line that I rediscovered while reading RedChocobo's Pokemon Emerald LP on the Something Awful forums. From the same headcanon that birthed "Rising Star" and "Home; takes place after "Rising Star" and Rising's sequel that I still intend to write someday..., but likely before "Home." As per usual, I'm using the Japanese names for the characters and English names for everything else. Deal.
Summary: Haruka can't sleep. There's something weighing on her mind—something that she has to tell Daigo.
Word Count: 1038

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